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Adventure Trailers

Do you have trailer fever and need more space than you already have with your roof top tent. Add an adventure trailer to the back of your vehicle for the ultimate get away. The truth of the matter is that trailers can be the best camping investment you've ever made. Adventure trailers add storage, they can increase comfort and living space, they remove weight from the vehicle, they reduce the need for modifications, you can spend less time packing and more time camping, and they make a great basecamp. Come by our shop today to check out our our lifesize trailer display.
Adventure Trailers
Freespirit Overlander Adventure Trailer
The Freespirit Overlander trailer is one of the most customizable lightweight trailers in the industry. It has an exclusive LabRak design allows you to adjust the height of rack. It will accommodate vehicle awnings and accessories with ease. This trailer has proprietary extrusion design from Labrak which features the strongest rack system in the world. The lower rack includes 63” RTC tracks so you can fully customize both rack systems. The Labrak mounting hardware is replaceable with pins to create a removable rack that allows you to mount small or medium roof top tents to the lower rack system. There are numerous LabRak accessories to choose from include lighting, shovel mounts, hi-lift jack mounts and more.
Freespirit Overlander Adventure Trailer from Northwest Auto Accessories