Steel van shelving, partitions, bulkheads, ladder racks, van flooring and shelving drawers are what we know best! Get organized before you put your new van into service. We distribute and install Weatherguard, Kargo Master and Ranger Design. Call our expert staff to discuss your options and schedule an appointment at (503) 288-5700.
weatherguard van shelving

Safety Partitions bulkheads
  • Ranger safety partitions or (bulkhead partitions) provide a solid, secure barrier between the occupants of the van and the cargo.
  • Built from heavy guage steel and aluminum, they are designed for maximum impact resistance, and uphold a standard of safety set only by Ranger Products.
  • Ranger partitions also provide a more comfortable environment for the driver by giving more seat travel and by not rattling as the vehicle drives down the road.
  • Our new vertical design reduces ambient noise levels so you can enjoy a nice and quiet “mobile office”.
  • The partitions are available in the new Max View polycarbonate, contoured w/windows, contoured w/doors, contoured w/perforated windows and straight.
  • The rattle free partitions keep the van quiet while driving down the road.
Black Steel Van Shelving black steel van shelving
  • The next generation of Ranger Design steel shelving. Featuring black powder‑coated steel end panels, this shelving system is created with aluminum extrusions to increase your vehicle’s payload. The shelf trays are built from marine‑grade plywood with a dynamic load capacity of over 200 lb. to carry cargo of any size. With a guaranteed 10‑year warranty, your shelving may even outlast your van!
Maximum Storage maximum-storage
  • The perfect layout for maximum storage and efficency.
  • Get the most out of your work space with
  • DIVIDERS - Create the ultimate storage system with our sturdy metal dividers. Infinitely adjustable, they can be placed anywhere on the shelf to keep your tools tidy and in one location. Solid plastic clips hold the dividers tightly in place and eliminate any chance of noise while driving.
  • BINS - Use these tough ABS bins to arrange your work space neatly for better efficiency on the job. Each bin comes with a center divider and can be upgraded with a set of cross dividers for your smaller tools. Stop searching for free‑range parts by keeping them in a bin that you can carry onto the jobsite.
  • DOORS - For an extra security measure to safe guard your equipment, accessorize with sturdy, aluminum, locking doors that can be attached easily to your shelving unit. It’s a great way to protect your valuables, or even just to keep your tools on the shelves during the ride to work.
Van Flooring van flooring
  • Our selection of van flooring are impact and puncture resistant and help keep the cargo van interior in good condition no matter how tough of a job you have in your hands.
  • Our floors are sturdy and durable while easy to install thanks to their integrated mounting tracks. They have an anti-slip surface to keep you safe while you work and are compatible with all of Ranger Design’s shelving packages.
  • We provide mobile technicians with high-quality products designed to make their life easier and safer. With proper van flooring, it can be done
Ranger Fold Away Shelf ranger fold away shelf
  • Ranger Design has several different fold away shelving systems made from Aluminum.
Store and Organize store and organize
  • Ranger Design offers so many store and organize applications.
  • Ranger Design’s van storage bins and shelving systems are one-of-a-kind in the industry.
  • Storage bins are versatile as they are removeable.
  • Refrigerant racks are available in all sizes.
Ranger Design Seat Covers ranger design seat covers
  • Van seat covers for bucket seats that are custom fit for each vehicle guaranteed to stay in place.
  • Easy to install.
  • Uretathane coating to the fabric resistant to water and stains.
  • Machine wash and dryer safe.
  • No interference with factory seat functions.(heat, cold, air bag)
  • Durable Cordura fabric with a 1 year warranty.
  • Seat damage prevention puncture resistant.
Van Racks ranger design van racks ranger design van racks ranger design van racks ranger design van racks
  • Ranger Design’s van roof racks are designed to help make the job easier and safer for you while ensuring your van is more efficient.
  • Our selection of ergonomic ladder racks and cargo van roof racks makes for smooth loading and unloading.
  • Made of military grade aluminum extrusion, high-density plastic and stainless steel components, our racks are rust-proof.
  • Their aerodynamic design creates minimal wind noise which makes them incredibly quiet.
Trade Packages ranger design metris
Ranger packages are designed specifically with your trade in mind.Our aim is to ensure that your most frequently used tools and equipment are well within reach.
Contractor / Remodeler
We know contractors and remodelers need flexibility to adjust their van storage to fit the job. Ranger Design packages are customizable for your work needs now, and in the future. You’ll have flexibility with our tool-less adjustable shelves, a variety of storage cabinets, and handy accessories.
Our Plumbing packages help you organize your equipment and supplies, large and small. From rooters and recips, to pipe threaders and hand tools. Our cabinets and drawer units securely store all those fittings and components. Ranger Design packages are customizable, with accessory options.
Mechanical Contractor / HVAC
Mechanical / HVAC packages keep expensive test equipment and meters safe, and organize parts, large equipment, and supplies. Ranger Design packages are customizable to meet your specific storage needs with an array of accessories, like Freon Tanks holders.
Electrician / Electrical Contractor
Our Electrician packages give you secure storage for expensive test instruments, hand, and power tools. Cabinets and Drawer Units help organize all those connectors and fittings. Supplies are a snap with wire spool racks, and roof-top Conduit Carriers.
Delivery / Service Contractor
Our Delivery/Service packages give you secure storage with several options on fold away shelving to accomadate low, medium and high roof vans.